About 3dprintbd

3dprinter in Bangladesh.
In a developing country like Bangladesh environment and waste management was never an issue before but until recently as everyone is talking about it , we find ourselves with no real solution except some hypothetical project without future. Among all the waste plastic waste is a big concern for us .You may ask how 3dprinter solve this problem? Well , we think fdm 3dprinter with recycled filament can play a big role solving the problem . At least it creates a beautiful opportunity for people who have no other means to help recycling.Daily basis we throw many garbage and plastic is one of them . After the throwaway we forget about them like they never existed. But this culture of forgetfulness  creating a big imbalance in the nature, which is an alarming issue. By making people converting their garbage plastics into 3d-printer material, people can realize how beautiful recycling can be and how valuable those garbage are.  3dprintbd   is all about making good things for the people of Bangladesh in a green and cost effective way and also to make innovation and creativity a daily practice

Lets make recycling in a cool way ! Lets 3dprint with recycled plastic !


3D Printing, also mostly called Additive Manufacturing is an fast growing technology with the potential to change how we think about consumer product and manufacturing . 3dprintbd.com is a group of engineers created to make a gateway for designers and engineers of Bangladesh to show their talent in global 3dprinting industry where you can turn any Ideas Into Reality.Through us, Bangladeshi designers gain access to the best industrial 3D printing technology,which is capable of making complex design production very fast ,easy and cost effective . 3D printing turns a 3d cad drawing into real life products, from engagement rings to spaceship, fire throwing dragon to mobile cases, and any rapid prototypes to complex industrial parts.


We offer a vast 3D printing and scanning service which is open to all. Our community platform gives you access to 3D designers, allowing you to participate in the market by sharing your idea and models . Upload your own idea sketch or image or drawing and make it to real life product.Your items will be then shipped directly to your home or office for immediate enjoyment. And you will also get a huge income just selling your drawing!

3dprintbd.com is calling on 3D designers , idea-maker,enthusiastic ,blogger, small entrepreneur around the country to join our community.  Upload your designs to our website and display your talents. Your designs will be seen by the large and growing community of 3D Printing enthusiasts who visit 3dprintbd.com every day. Very soon designers will be earning cash based on the number of downloads of their objects . If you want to invest buy a 3dprinter and enlist our makers community and earn cash when we give orders to you. If you want to just make things hire a designer from here and open your own web store.

Lets make a Virtual factory with 3dprinting ! Let open jobs for thousands !

We can change many thing with 3dprinting. Bangladesh have many potential and its time to show this to the world

To all of you, from all of us at 3dprintbd.com – Thank you and Happy 3dprinting!

3dprintbd team
we believe in real work than words.


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