3dprinting business? Are you crazy?

Yes this was the first impression i got from my family when they heard i am planning to do 3dprinting business . Their shock was genuine and reasonable. As the country have never seen this technology before , there is no market for it , no support for it. Nobody is selling any printer nor it’s material.if you want to start you have to start from scratch. As nobody heard of this technology before it was very difficult for me to explain my plan also. i am talking about in june 2014.

I was becoming hopeless day by day , then suddenly i talked with two of my good friends about it. They were very sharp engineers and they quickly picked the concept. And thanks to my them , we very quickly bought our first printer ” The great up-plus 2:. It was bought from Malaysia and we did paid a lot of money for it. It costed more for the freight and custom. But still we were quiet happy with it. It was a nice machine and it took us only 30 min to start our first print.

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